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Title: Yawners and Non-Yawners

Contributor: Barbara Newborg

Dr. Stead was conducting rounds one day and I yawned. He paused, took his stethoscope out of his ears and smiled. His comment was, "I have observed that among medical students, interns and residents there are two distinct categories: there are some who are 'yawners' and some who are 'non-yawners.'"

He turned toward me, smiled his famous "Stead smile" and added, "Dr. Newborg is definitely a 'yawner'."

Title: Anatomical Snuff Box

Another time Dr. Stead prompted me to find the pulse in the anatomical snuffbox. I don't remember whether I had been trying to find it somewhere other than on the hand, but the patient, who was familiar with the sniffing of snuff, kindly stretched out his hand, palm down, and pointed to the concavity between his index finger and thumb.

Title: Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis

Bob Kibler and I had a patient on Nott who was dying with SBE. Dr. Stead knew we couldn't save him but Kibler and I, with lots of youthful enthusiasm and a considerable lack of medical knowledge, wanted to go on trying. I have always appreciated that Dr. Stead let us try.

Unfortunately, the patient died.

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