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From the housestaff and friends - one side of the story ...

Eugene Stead Here you will find stories from a number of my friends, former house officers, and others. Knowing that each story reflects only your side, I am posting my photo, just to let you know that I am listening, and with time, I'll add my side of the story. October, during the Alumni weekend, seems like a good time for me to share my side of the story

Galen Wagner, Carl Voyles and colleagues are building this page with Frank Starmer, as their engineer. The following table contains the entries to date. With time, we'll develop a way to use your observations to add another dimension of discussion to my web site.

Some Stead Stories

A Collection of Vignettes Dredged From the Memories of Some of Dr. Eugene Stead's Duke Medical Students, Interns, Residents And Faculty

Honoring his 95th Birthday October 6, 2003

The Stories (by author below) or by title

I want to remind you that if you want to help the next generation of doctors, we must find a way to demystify medical education - because believe it of not, most lay folks do not understand our training well enough to realize that we are not quite the gods they perceive us as. I believe, that when ordinary folks realize that our education is one of acquiring skills and practice, that they will resist continuing to pour large sums of money into our current system. They will realize that 2 basic science years can be compressed into one, and that continuous learning, facilitated by Google and the internet will become their competitive edge.

Now, you must appreciate that from the lake, I can still watch your growth and development. Google provides me with a new kind of vision to track your legacy. Realizing that skill comes only with practice, I place below, Google, so that you can watch my progress at the lake. Enjoy learning this new skill. As a test - search for: easteadjr - and see what is at the top of the list.