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Title: You Need to Learn about Eyegrounds

Contributor: J. Burns Creighton

During my junior year in medical school I was assigned to Osler where Dr. Stead did the rounds. It was my first time as a student on a medical ward and my first time to present a patient to a rounding physician.

The intern was new so I didn't know what to expect. I was the first in our group to present a patient. After I gave the history, Dr. Stead asked what I saw in the patient's eyegrounds. Well, I didn't see much and said so. He then asked the intern, who was unprepared to add anything. I don't believe the assistant resident had even examined the patient's eyegrounds.

Dr. Stead then looked at me and said, "Doctor, I think you need to come back this afternoon and learn about eyegrounds."

So at 3 P. M sharp I marched back to Osler and studied eyegrounds under Dr. Stead's hypercritical supervision. I've never forgotten the personal attention he was willing to give me, a junior medical student. It must have influenced my medical future because after my medical internship at Duke I went on with an opthalmology residency with Dr. Banks Anderson.

In 1962 I came to Tampa and started our group, which is now the Tampa Eye Clinic.

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