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Title: You Can Train a Chimp to Put a Clip on an Aneurysm

Contributor: David Dunn

When I switched to neurosurgery in 1963, Dr. Stead was not too pleased. He told me he would have nothing further to do with me!

About 1967 he came up to the University of Pennsylvania and gave the AOA lecture on his ideas for medical education. After giving his talk, he happened to find me in the packed auditorium. Looking me in the eye, he smiled his famous "Stead smile," fixed me with a steely gaze and said, "David, you can train a chimp to put a clip on an aneurysm."

He then put a hand on my shoulder and said, "Come into the lounge and join me in a Drambuie."

My chimpanzee and I just retired after 37 happy years in pediatric neurosurgery.

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