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From the housestaff - one side of the story ...

 Al Attyah     Downey, CA
 Bob Klein Rochester, NY
 Myron Liptzin Chapel Hill, NC
 James Myers Encintas, CA
 Barbara Newborg Durham, NC
 S. DuBose Ravenel High Point, NC
 William Sutton Naples, FL
 Carl Voyles Anna Maria, FL
 Barry Tharp Davis, CA stonetharp@sbcglobal,net
 Walter Kempner Durham, NC
 Peritz Scheinberg Miami, FL
 W.W. (Putt) Pryor Greenville, SC
 David L. Smith, Jackson, MS
 Stephen Rostand Birmingham, AL
 Galen Wagner Durham, NC
 J. Edwin Clement Greenville, NC
 Alan Ory Alamo, CA
 Eldora Terrell High Point, NC
 Frederick Cobb Durham, NC
 Andrew Wallace Hillsborough, NC
 John Laszlo               Atlanta, GA
 Herb Kaplan Denver, CO
 David Dunn Milwaukee, WI
 Emile Gebel Shelby, NC
 Arthur Finn Chapel Hill, NC
 Earl Metz Worthington, OH
 John Hugh Malone Concord, NC
 Edited by Carl Voyles
 Prologue - Carl Voyles
 Sunday School at Duke Hospital - Bob Klein
 Just Say For Me --- Bose Ravenel
 Narcolepsy - Bose Ravelel
 Al Attyah Says - Carol Attyah
 Yawners and Non-Yawners - Barbara Newborg
 Anatomical Snuffbox - Barbara Newborg
 Subacute Bacterial Endocarditis - Barbara Newborg
 Will Someone Show Dr. Voyles - Carl Voyles
 Have You Ever Seen a Football Game? - Carl Voyles
 We'll Play Again Tomorrow - Carl Voyles
 Elderly Gentleman with End-stage Lung Disease - Barry Tharp
 Ice in the Men's Room - Barry Tharp
 One Way Ticket to Pittsburgh --  Barry Tharp
 All-Nighter on Osler - Barry Tharp
 Does the Red Cell Breathe? - William Sutton
 What This Patient Needs - Myron Liptzin
 I Knew Gene Stead - Peritz Scheinberg
 Dr. Stead's Intern - Putt Pryor
 High Arches - Putt Pryor
 I'll Eat My Hat - Putt Pryor
 My Mother Taught Me To Be Neat - Putt Pryor
 Nickel Bet - Putt Pryor
 A Great Experience - Putt Pryor
 You Look Handsome Like the Devil - Walter Kempner
 A Big Bunch of Hooey - Walter Kempner
 We Will Determine Everything, But Not the Cholesterol - Walter Kempner
 Editor's Note, Subject: "Cholesterol" - Carl Voyles
 Why Is Everyone So much Against Me? - Walter Kempner
 We Are Better Off Without That! - Walter Kempner
 Retirement - Walter Kempner
 Stead Stories, There Are So Many! - David L. Smith
 Accurate Recording of Inaccurate Data - David L. Smith
 Inflammation of the Bellows - David L. Smith
 What This Patient Needs - David L. Smith
 House Call - David L. Smith
 The World Belongs to Those Who Work a Little Harder - David L. Smith
 Some Things I Remember - David L. Smith
 What This Patient Needs Is An "Old Time" Doctor - Stephen Rostand
 Composite Drawing of the Optic Fundi - Stephen Rostand
 Have You Examined This Patient? - Stephen Rostand
 Bumps on the Jugular - Stephen Rostand
 Cerebral Edema - Stephen Rostand
 Solution to a Problem - Stephen Rostand
 Wage Negotiations - Stephen Rostand
 How's Gene Stead? - Stephen Rostand
 We All Change With Time - Stephen Rostand
 Who Was Smarter? - Stephen Rostand
 The Chief of the Chief - Galen Wagner
 When Bruni Came Our Way -- Galen Wagner
 Ladd's Gifts - Galen Wagner
 A Tale of Nott Ward - J. Edwin Clement
 Have You Been Up All Night? - Alan Ory
 Marriage In the Duke Chapel - Alan Ory
 Bess and EAS at Work (Photo)
 Bess and EAS  - Galen Wagner
 I Have Another Pair Like These - Frank Bone
 Down the Hall with a Full Bed Pan - Eldora Terrell
 Another Recollection - Eldora Terrell
 The Boy from Mississippi - Frederick Cobb
 It Turned Out To Be a Gallstone - Andrew Wallace
 We Sat In Silence - Andrew Wallace
 A Chief Resident's Synopsis - Andrew Wallace
 Biography of Dr. Stead - John Laszlo
 Morning Report Begins Promptly at Eight - John Laszlo
 What This Patient Needs Is a "You-Know-What" - Herb Kaplan
 People Who Don't Do What I Say - Herb Kaplan
 Working Too Hard as an Intern - Herb Kaplan
 You Can Tell Them As Much As I Can - Herb Kaplan
 You Can Train a Chimp to Put a Clip on an Aneurysm - David Dunn
 Oh! I Get It! - Emile Gebel
 Not a 168-Hour-a-Week Doc - Emile Gebel
 Dr. Stead Has Mellowed - Emile Gebel
 Your Charge Is To Make This Patient Comfortable - Emile Gebel
 A Screener in the Medical Clinic - Emile Geble
 A Cold, Wintry Sunday - Emile Geble
 Can You Do Serial Sevens? - Arthur Finn
 I Never Again Even Blinked on Rounds - Arthur Finn
 I Knew It Was All Over - Earl Metz
 Either You're a Fool or You Think I Am - Earl Metz
 I Don't Know How You Feel About Father Figures - Earl Metz
 Nobody Cuts On Me Unless Dr. Stead Says So - Earl Metz
 The Watson-Schwartz Test - John Malone
 A Relatively Insensitive Organ - John Malone
 It Was as if He Had Crawled Down Into the Bronchial Tree - John Malone
 Excommunication to the Back Side of the Moon - John Malone
 Oral Exam in Medicine - John Malone
 The Influence of Drs. Stead, Davidson and Harrison - John Malone

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