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Title: I Have Another Pair Just Like This at Home

Contributor: Frank Bone

I graduated from Duke Medical School in 1943 and went through the medical residency, completing that in 1946. I was chief medical resident at that time, following which I went into the Navy. When I left, Dr. Hanes was Chief of Medicine. Shortly afterward, he died of a dissecting aorta (I think).

I then returned to Duke in January of 1948 when I was there for a gastroenterology fellowship until 1950, when I went into private practice in Orlando, Florida.

When I went back to Duke, Dr. Stead had replaced Dr. Hanes as Chief of Medicine. At his suggestion, I worked as a medical resident for three months before I started my gastroenterology fellowship.

The primary thing I remember is that we had morning report early each morning. Dr. Stead had gotten there, as usual, on time. During his report, one of the house staff noticed that his shoes did not match. This was called to his attention and Dr. Stead's response was "You know, I have another pair just like this at home."

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