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Come for a visit and enjoy a bit of lake time

Here is the recipe for a visit:

  • I am available 11am - 6pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This gives me Monday to recover from the weekend and Friday to prepare for the weekend.
  • Do not phone me - My forgetting curve is getting very steep and I'll likely forget that I invited you. Please phone John/Marilyn ( +1 919 693 2936) or send email to John and Marilyn requesting a time. (Frank tells me that the +1 is the US country code and is displayed so my international friends will not view us as thinking the US is all there is to the world).
  • John and Marilyn will check the calendar and let you know within 24 hours.
  • Follow the driving instructions below, paying particular attention the the often-missed-turn off US 15.
  • Finally, come prepared for a surprise. We shall look for it together and enjoy our time.
Directions Distance
1. Start out going North on FULTON ST toward ELDER ST. 0.3 miles
2. Stay straight to go onto HILLANDALE RD. 0.9 miles
3. Merge onto I-85 N toward RALEIGH/OXFORD. 29.4 miles
4. Take the NC-96 exit- exit number 204- toward OXFORD. 0.3 miles
5. Turn LEFT onto NC-96. 1.2 miles
6. Turn RIGHT onto US-15/NC-96/HILLSBORO ST. 0.1 miles
7. Turn LEFT onto US-15/US-158/NC-96. Continue to follow US-15. 15.9 miles
8. Turn RIGHT onto TOWNSVILLE RD/NC-1501. if you pass the Virginia state line on US 15, you missed the turn - so go back just a short distance (see last map below). Continue to follow TOWNSVILLE RD. How will you recognize Honah Lee (The Stead lakeside palace)? The chainlink gated driveway is on the left, attached to a tall, slightly overgrown, chainlink fence on either side of the gate. Do Not let dirt fall into the pipe connected to the lock. The mailbox on the right. 3.7 miles
  End at 5113 Townsville Rd, Bullock, NC 27507-9438 US

Maps Starting at the Durham VA Hospital and Ending at Honah Lee

Map of the critial turn off US 15 and onto Townsville Rd

And in case you get lost - visit Google