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Title: You're Going to be an Intern

Contributor: John Garbutt

I had done an internship and residency at the county hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. Two of my mentors had trained with Dr Stead, Max Michaels, the Chief of Medicine and Jim Borland, a gastroenterologist.

I was in interested in GI, and Jim had offered me a job with him after my fellowship. Meanwhile, I had gotten a small grant to study hypertension and Dr Michael had sent me to spend a week in Caullie Gunnells angiotensin lab. I enjoyed my week with Caullie and decided I'd like to come to Duke for my GI fellowship. I arranged an interview with Dr Ruffin, I found out I'd first have to meet with Dr Stead. The appointment was scheduled at 7:30 the next morning, but only after I had met with the Chief Resident, Harry Carpenter.

My "interview" with Dr Stead began with a lengthy period of silence.

Dr. S: "Don't you have anything to say?"

JG: "I thought you wanted to interview me".

Dr. S: "Maybe you should go to Gainesville for your GI fellowship".

JG: "I was offered one there, but wanted to come to Duke".

Dr S. "What did you notice about my chief resident?"

JG: "He looked pretty old".

Dr S: "That is because even though he'd been a pathologist, he had to start all over at Duke.

Even though you've had four years of training, you've only had done a rotating internship. You'll have to start as an intern at Duke."

JG: "That would be fine with me."

Dr S: "Your wife won't like you staying up at night doing hematocrits and urinalyses"

JG: "She will do whatever I decide is best for my training."

Dr S: "Well, you're going to be an intern".

When I got my first pay check, I noticed that I was receiving resident level pay. After 6 months, Dr. Stead called me in and told me I was now a GI fellow. After 18 months, I joined the faculty. Although Dr Stead had then retired as chairman, he often wandered into my lab to ask what I was doing.

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