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Title: Biography of Dr. Stead

Contributor: John Laszlo

I have a 650-page draft of a biography of Dr. Stead, which probably will be called "The Doctor's Doctor." The information comes directly from Dr. Stead as well as from some of the people who knew him best. Unfortunately there has been a long interruption in the process of completing the book. Having gotten bogged down in editing, I am in the process of hiring someone to help me complete the project, which is the fascinating story of his life, starting from the poorest of poor in Decatur Georgia ("but we never felt poor") to ascending the pinnacle of American medicine.

The message of the book is about commitment to excellence and the importance of continued learning. I believe it applies to all endeavors in life, which is a lesson that every Stead house officer learned.

Title: Monring Report Begins Promptly at Eight

This is a quick story of my first day at morning report.

I came to Duke in January 1959. My first rotation as a junior assistant resident was Long Ward. I knew about an 8AM meeting with the Chief but I lingered on the ward to help an intern who was having trouble drawing blood on a patient.

I arrived at his office at about 8:10 AM with the conference already in progress. The discussion stopped and we sat in silence for a VERY long time and then Dr. Stead started where it had left off. At the end he kept me for just a minute to explain that morning report begins promptly at 8 and that he was sure I had not known that.

That was all that needed to be said.

I had 27 rewarding years at Duke but none more stimulating than interacting at various levels with Dr. Stead.

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