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Title: You Begin with the Mental Status

Contributor: John Wallace

One night, in the fall of 1950, I was on call for Osler, which then was all white women. I had worked up my ninth patient during the wee hours and was proud of my diagnosis of bronchiectasis. I expected to earn a few points on rounds at 0900. Within seconds of his questioning the patient, Dr Stead, to my infinite humiliation, determined that the patient was completely crazy (my translation of his careful appraisal) and a fact I had totally missed.

Sure, she also had bronchiectasis, as any fool could plainly see.

Instantly in my mind's eye I was packing my bags, however Dr Stead just fixed me with those eyes, brows arched and pointed out, "Dr. Wallace, you BEGIN your examination with the mental status."

A kindly lesson I well remember.

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