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Title: Appeasing the ignorant

Contributor: John and Marilyn Williams

John and Marilyn Williams qualify as a very special house staff. They tend to every challenge that Dr. Stead brings to each new day. Dr. Stead has located his "local" house staff in the guest house he built 20 years ago at the lake. This definitely qualifies them as house staff. Here is the first of several "steadisms" from these two special house officers.

About a year ago, I went down to the Steads just before dinner and he was taking a dish out of the refrigerator. Keep in mind that neither family members, nor John nor I will eat anything that he prepares or especially keeps for any length of time and Dr. Stead is very aware of how we all feel. As he removed the dish from the refrigerator, he said "I really didn't think that this needed refrigeration but I put it there since you all think that it should be refrigerated". I said "getting wise in your old age?" and his answer was "no, just appeasing the ignorant." Don't know if you can use this or not but it was a good laugh for all of us.

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