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Title: You Probably Thought it was a Protein Electrophoresis

Contributor: Martin Liebling Chief Resident VAMC 1960-1961

My most memorable moments during my resident years involved the wonderful house staff I worked with, including Bingham Dai and especially Harvey Estes during his six A.M. Sunday morning rounds.

When I was senior assistant resident, Charlie Rackley was looking at one of my ECG readings. He observed that it shouldn't be taken too seriously because I probably thought it was a protein electrophoresis.

When I reminded him of this a few months ago, he claimed not to remember.

Title: The Night Can Get Very Long for Someone Who is Dying

Late one night during my internship, a nurse called for a sleeping pill order for a patient who was dying of lung cancer. of course, I gave the order.

The next morning on rounds Dr. Stead told me he saw no problem with giving the telephone order but he suggested that a good doctor might have gone by to comfort the patient. "The night can get very long for someone who is dying," he said.

Though I obviously could not get by to see all my dying patients at night, I never forgot the message during my practice years.

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